Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Winning at the Free Throw Line

I was looking over the Indiana vs. Ohio State HD Box Score and a few things struck me.  (Ow.)

  1. D.J. White has been a beast all year, which is stating the obvious and is hardly reason-enough to write a blog post.  However, I think it must be said that not only is he playing some hard-nosed ball, he's managing to stay out of foul trouble.  This has to be attributed to health and conditioning, after struggling with both in seasons past.  The occasional zone helps, even if it hurts my eyes.  Anyway, it's nice to see him post a 40:00 on the minutes played section, as he did against the Buckeyes.DJWhiteMinutes  DJWhiteFoulsSeeing a 40:00 in the box score reminds me of when Mike Davis would never substitute for two of my all time favorite Hoosiers:  Coverdale & Fife, and additionally Jeffries (whom I can never mention without saying that he laid an egg against the no-class Turdapins in the 2002 championship game).
  2. We're seeing the rise of Kyle Taber, even if it's on the wane.  He's not even sure if Sampson is rewarding the former walk-on for working hard, or is dissatisfied with the inconsistent play he's getting out of that position... or both.  Either way, Taber's minutes are up and I've been pretty satisfied with his play (against expectations anyway). TaberMinutes If three data points defines a trend, as Abs is always wont to say, then we're seeing a tapering effect from Taber.  I know both Abs and I are both disciples of the tempo-free movement, but minutes played paints an interesting picture here.
  3. I was looking over at the 2008 scouting report for Indiana to gain a different perspective on the HD box scores that Abs compiles... more of an aggregated viewpoint.  I knew we were doing pretty well defensively, but I was shocked (shocked!!) to find that we have the 3rd best FT % defense in the nation.  You can't coach that!

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