Wednesday, January 23, 2008

About SaWA

We're not really Statler and Waldorf, we're Abs and Lawton. Why did we name this blog like we did, you ask? Well, coming up with a name is tough. But we liked the muppet reference because we often have conversations with lots of sentences that start with, "Well, gahdam," and we also often aspire to becoming septa- or octogenarians who heckle people in the park, perhaps while playing checkers. But we're not playing checkers here. The "Arena" part of the blog's name is supposed to indicate that we're talking about sports. Like our curmudgeonly title inspirations, we watch, criticize, and comment. We considered a few other things (like "Vicariously Active"), but SaWA is what we ended up with.

We're hoping we have enough to say to make it worthwhile, although we may tend to be a bit quiet during the Sports Doldrums, which runs from the end of March Madness to the start of the NFL season. We tend to love college hoop and the NFL and have a passing interest in some college football. We are otherwise only casually aware of other sports, and, while we may comment on them, we probably don't have a clue what we're talking about. We may jolly well not know what we're talking about when it comes to the stuff we're more actively interested in like, either, but we don't want to admit it.

Bias-wise, we should tell you up front that we are Indiana Hoosier basketball fans, and we both root for the Colts (one of us not caring enough to be a real fan). One of us is also a University of Virginia football and basketball fan, and that same one has found himself rooting for Georgetown since the arrival of JT3 and his mellifluous offense. There are probably other things worth mentioning, but I think most of our biases will be pretty obvious from the things we write and focus on.

We hope you find the stuff we put up here entertaining or at least mildly interesting. We also hope you'll join in discussions with us via the comments if you have something to say about what we put up here.

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Mike's mom said...

Delighted to see this collaboration! Congratulations!